Sonny shares his deep knowledge of California Utility Design

NCRMA Chief Risk Management Officer Alex Hearding interviews Sunshine Design CEO Sonny Antonio to discuss the importance of assessing and understanding the utility needs that cannabis businesses require.

Part 1 – This segment focuses on what you need ahead of time when looking at potential properties and what you might run into along the way. Learn how to ensure your money is being spent wisely on utilities, and how to work with your power company to get what you need.

Part 2 – Sonny Antonio and Alex Hearding discuss the common and costly mistakes that new businesses make by overlooking proper utility design in the beginning stages of planning. When you don’t think about proper utility design, power may become a limiting factor in the growth of your business and can result in tens if not thousands of dollars’ worth of loss. Don’t miss this discussion around the importance of having a firm understanding of what power your facility has, how to identify what power it needs, and how to most effectively get it.